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Florence C. D. Britton
Apr 23, 2018

Mike is an excellent training he gets you prepared, shows who how to defend yourself, makes you comfortable especially when it’s your first time ever holding or shooting a gun. He’s funny but keeps you on your toes and thinking, he have you using your common sense and leave your feelings at the door. I recommend everyone who wants to protect themselves, their family and their home sign up ASAP�

Preston Smith
Apr 21, 2018

Patrick Tyres Lindsey
Apr 20, 2018

Great instructor, and the class was funny. Mike brown does a good job with keeping people involved and keeping the class entertained. Great content and life skills. #YOUBETTAGO

Marco Bahena
Apr 19, 2018

Highly recommended Mike don’t play around great class girls please don’t come to class with long nails.

Jet Lee
Apr 18, 2018

Really good teacher I learned alot about being an unarmed officer..... I can't wait for the armed course

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